Farmall Hill

C. L. Forgues E. S. James

Dedicated to the Appreciation of Old Iron

695 Doolittle Rd Shoreham, VT 05770

802/897-2075 802/468-5240

Double Wave: 10th Anniversary—2018
October 6th & 7th

Lee and Ed started picking up old tractors in earnest during the summer of 2008. Since then, they’ve searched out old iron from Vermont to California, from Northern Quebec to Pennsylvania. In October 2008 they invited others to come to Shoreham for games, demonstrations, and
displays of all types of equipment, and the event’s been growing every year since.

Their Antique Field Days had been held during the first weekend of October, rain or shine …
but freezing sleet was too much. Since 2012, the event has been held in mid-September.

In addition to their own collections, all types of equipment are welcome for display and play.